What is a banker?

Bankers are possible only with system bets, not with single or multi (parlay) bets. If you are really sure about the outcome of a game (e.g. if there is a clear favourite), you can select that game as a banker in your system bet.

In this case, you win the bet if the banker is right and the corresponding system bet criterion has been satisfied. The amount of the winnings on a system bet with a banker once again depends on how many of your tips are correct. If the banker is incorrect or the system bet criterion is not satisfied, you lose the bet. If you choose a 2/3 system bet with a banker, you win only if two picks of your system bet and your banker are correct. The amount of the winnings depends on the odds of the picks you won. The maximum winnings from your bet (banker correct and all other picks of the system bet are correct) will be displayed to you when you place your bet. It is also possible to include several bankers within a single system bet.