Diamond Symphony


  • Click on stake selector button to choose your bet. This is the yellow button with coins on.
  • The stake shown is the total bet and is a combination of the base bet, plus 50% if Encore is enabled.
  • Enable or disable Encore by clicking the purple box above ENCORE. When Encore is enabled, the box will have a tick in it.
  • Click on the menu button to access the pay table, which shows the potential winnings for each reel combnintion and further information about the game. The menu button is the round button with 3 lines in it, from here the pay table is opened by pressing the round button with the letter "i" in it.
  • Press the spin button to start the game. This is the large green button with the circular arrow symbol.


  • During each spin the symbols will spin and land at random positions.
  • If the combination of symbols appearing on the reels forms a line of 2 (Logo only), 3,4 or 5 matching symbols on one of the winlines, then you win.
  • Any winning lines you have will be highlighted and your winnings will be shown in the winnings meter.
  • Once all wins have been resolved, any symbols that were part of a win will then pop, and the symbols above the popped symbols will drop down to replace them.
  • Any subsequent combination of symbols appearing on the reels that form a line win will be paid as and the symbols will be paid and repeat the pop and drop process until no more wins can be paid.


  • All line wins are derived from the number and value of matching symbols and multiplied by the base stake (not including the cost of encore).
  • Any reel wins in freespins are also multiplied by the freespins current multiplier.
  • Matching symbols must be on a valid win line and be on consecutive reels from left to right, starting on the far left hand reel, to form a win.
  • After any win, the symbols involved in the win will pop and disappear. New symbols will drop in from above them and any new wins will be paid.
  • The win streak will end when no more win combinations are generated.
  • Only the highest win is paid on each line.


  • If the symbols form a win on one ore more lines, when the symbols pop, this will move the freespins bar up by one step.
  • Once all wins have been resolved, if the freespins bar has reached a step with a number on, this is the number of free spins the player will be awarded.
  • Starting a new game or changing the stake will result in the freespins bar being reset.


  • If the player has Encore mode enabled, the second from bottom and third from bottom steps of the freespins bar will change to "ENCORE".
  • Once all wins have been resolved, if the freespins bar is on one of these steps, this will give the player one additional spin of the reels at no extra cost.
  • If the player is given a free spin at step 2 of the freespins bar, it is possible to pop and drop once, land on step 3 of the freespins bar, and receive a second free spin.


  • When freespins are awarded from the freespins bar, the game will show the freespins meter at the bottom of the screen. This shows the number of freespins remaining to be played.
  • Each time the reels spin, the freespins multiplier bar on the right will increase by one step.
  • If the freespins multiplier bar reaches the top, the current freespins multiplier will increase, and the freespins multiplier bar will move back to the first step.
  • During freespins, it is possible to be awarded further freespins by landing on a number on the freespins bar. Encore does not award additional spins while in freespins.
  • The number of steps on the freespins multiplier bar varies. The maximum multiplier achievable is X10.


  • In the event of a game in real play being interrupted (i.e. started but not completed due to connectivity issues or accidentally closing the browser, etc.), depending on the previous state of the game, it will either resume from the point of the last spin or display the outcome of the game already in play.
  • Any winnings will be correctly credited to the player account and will be exact according to the result prior to the game being interrupted.
  • All results are predetermined.


  • The RTP for this game is 95.01% with encore disabled, and 95.00% with encore enabled.


  • All line wins pay from left to right
  • The highest paying win on each line will be paid
  • The wild symbols substitute for all symbols
  • There are 20 winlines, all of which must be played
  • Each line win is multiplied by the base stake (not including the cost of encore)
  • Each line win in free spins is also multiplied by the current multiplier shown on the multiplier bar
  • Malfunction voids all plays and pays Unresolved bets placed but remaining undecided in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity


Pay table

  • Within the game menu, press the "i" icon to view pay table and game information.


  • Within the game menu, the "?" icon opens the game's help file.

Sound / Music

  • Use the sound option to mute or enable all game sounds. Where applicable, you can use the music option to turn off just the background music, while leaving other game sounds on.


  • To use autoplay, simply select the amount of spins you desire using the default options or enter your own amount via the pen icon.

  • Then choose a total loss limit and press the button to confirm and start the spins.

  • You may also use the "More settings" section to stop the autoplay when a bonus round is triggered or when a jackpot is won (where applicable).


  • Please note, the performance of your network or devices (e.g. the speed of your connection or processor) may have, or may appear to have, an effect on the game such as in making decisions where speed is a factor or the update of progressive jackpot values.