Wild Moon

How to play

Wild Moon is a 4 reel, 3 row, fixed 7 win line video slot. The player can choose to play with 2 reel sets simultaneously.
To play the game:

  1. Select the Total Stake through clicking the Stake button and selecting a stake.
  2. The player can choose to play the left-hand reel set (shown as Game 1), the right-hand reel set (shown as Game 2), or both (shown as Game 1+2).
  3. Press the spin button.

RTP (Return to Player)

The overall game RTP is 95%.

Autoplay rules

Autoplay plays a number of spins automatically. Open autoplay option by pressing the AUTOPLAY button.

In the autoplay options, set the number of spins, then start autoplay. Autoplay stops when no spins remain or there is insufficient balance. The player can stop autoplay and return to normal play by pressing STOP AUTOPLAY.

Depending on your jurisdiction and operator, you may have to set limits before you start autoplay, which when exceeded stops autoplay. There could be limits for the amount lost overall (loss limit) and the amount won during a single game round (single win limit). If you are playing in a jurisdiction that requires this, autoplay will not work until you complete these settings.

Win Conditions

The winning conditions are as follows:

  1. Three or more consecutive instances of the same symbol on a winline and on adjacent reels starting with the leftmost reel
  2. The game has 7 fixed win lines.
  3. Any total win in a game round will be displayed in the Winnings box.
  4. Only the highest win per win line is paid.
  5. The separate win line wins will be displayed on the win lines during win presentation.
  6. The sum of winnings is immediately credited to your wallet at the end of a game round.

WILD symbol

The WILD symbol can appear on reels 2 and 3, and substitutes for all symbols. The WILD symbols also act as a win multiplier and can have the value of x1, x2 on reel2, and x1 or x3 on reel 3. The symbols on reels 2 and 3 have a compound effect, so that the win multiplier can be up to x6 in total.


All winning combinations in the game can be viewed in the Paytable.

Connectivity and malfunction

  1. Players cannot be unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged by disconnection or network interruptions.
  2. In rare and exceptional circumstances where a game state cannot be restored, such a malfunction voids all pays and play.

: 12/03/2019