Breadcrumb navigation

The breadcrumb navigation is a new feature integrated in the Sportingbet mobile site which allows you to keep track of your location within the site. The breadcrumb navigation appears horizontally in the space of sports navigation bar and provides links back to each previous page that you have navigated through to get to the current page.

For example, to access Football, Italy, Serie A events, you have to:

  1. Access Sport, e.g. Football
  2. Tap the “A-Z Countries” filter
  3. Select “Italy” from the countries list that appears
  4. Select “Serie A

The breadcrumb navigation path is: Football > A-Z Countries > Italy > Serie A

Add to the bar

Each of the buttons that appear on the navigation bar is active and you can tap on it to get back to any of the previous pages.

Please note that the home button is fixed and takes you back to the lobby page. If the navigation path is too long, you can slide the bar left or right (with horizontal sliding gestures) to reveal the full path.