Each live event on our site offers two types of scoreboard, the first being a mini scoreboard, and the second in full view.

The mini scoreboard is the default option and will appear without needing to access any menus. The full scoreboard can be accessed by opening the ‘full view’ page of your event.

To find the full view page of your event, simply tap the ‘+100’ button in the bottom right-hand corner.

The full view page consists of four sections:

  1. A bar across the top, that should have a ‘Back’ button, as well as the Country|League Name
  2. Scoreboard information (time played, current score, etc.) and the key moments of the game
  3. A market grouping menu
  4. A display area of all markets, with their betting options

Please note: To add a bet to your bet slip, simply tap on the odds values.